Hi I'm Kate, thanks for visiting my whimsical world of playful patterns and prints
My love affair with surface pattern design began in 2019 when I discovered Bonnie Christine's Skillshare classes. Before that, like so many, creativity had laid mostly abandoned since leaving school. Life had gotten busy with a full-time nursing career, friends, family and travel.
When the adult colouring book craze started I was hooked on Johanna Basford's beautiful books. I'd sit for hours after a shift, mindfully colouring in. It was a great way to relax after a difficult days work. And friends were into it too- we'd sit round with a nice glass of wine, sharing all the latest gossip over our colouring books. 
In 2018 I had a mental health crisis and needed time off work to recover. Johanna Basford's colouring books became my life! When Johanna hosted a free 10-day course-How to draw your own Inky Wonderland- you betcha I was signing up!
It was so much fun, and Johanna is such a lovely and encouraging teacher. I'd forgotten how much I loved to draw. After her course I was looking for more projects to do when I came across Skillshare and discovered SURFACE PATTERN DESIGN. Never heard of it? Me neither
What was this surface pattern design thingy? 
Taking sketches and doodles and turning them into seamlessly repeating patterns for fabric, stationery, wallpaper galore; tell me more!
Before I knew it I'd watched ALL the classes:
Cat Coquillette
Elizabeth Olwen
Dylan Mierzwinski
Shannon McNab
Elizabeth Silver
You name it, I'd watched it. Several times over probably! I couldn't get enough. 
Spoonflower Fabric
Once again I found myself looking for surface pattern design projects I could throw myself into; I'm never one to shy away from a challenge! That's when I discovered Spoonflower's Design Challenges. Weekly prompts to inspire creativity, win prizes and see your designs on fabric. 
Yes FABRIC! My 'doodles' printed onto actual fabric -who'd have imagined
Spoonflower also has a marketplace, for artists to submit their designs for sale, across a range of high quality fabrics. And so in 2020 Kate Frances Designs with the opening of my Spoonflower shop
2020 also saw the launch of the Kate Frances Designs website- a very proud moment for me, having never designed a website before.
Skillshare is an online education platform, with an enormous range of topics to discover and a staggering 39,000+ classes on offer. Everything from fine art, illustration and photography, to marketing, web design and business analytics. 
 With free classes and membership options available, it a great place to start exploring your creativity.  Give it a try with a no obligation 1 month trial- find out more here
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